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Welcome to the official website of Hany Mohammed, the author of the horror novel, Little Jolly.

About The Author

Hany Mohammed is an Egyptian author and artist. He is currently studying at university and living happily with his parents, sister, and brother.


Little Jolly: The Fun Here Has Just Begun

Isaac wakes in a room inside Little Jolly, an old mental asylum that holds a handful of patients. He can’t remember anything of what happened to him or what got him thrown into this place. Soon, he learns he was the victim of a brutal accident that stole his memory. Followed by this revelation is an odd warning: don’t try to escape or he’ll end up like “Old Johnny.”
Day after day, Isaac submits to therapies and medications. He meets his fellow residents—some friendly, some not, some miserable, and some completely insane. Two particular residents haunt him the most: a little girl and a tall clown. He feels their mysterious presence everywhere and hears their eerie voices in every room. Who are they? What is their story?
For Isaac, the so-called fun has just begun as he begins to realize the full ramifications of his sentence and the horrific truths lurking in every corner of the asylum. As time passes, he might as well not have been warned. Escape was never an option.

An eerie and enthralling horror debut that lures readers into Little Jolly, a dark and disturbing insane asylum with a group of unusual residents.

Reviewers’ Quotes

He personalises imagination and embodies fiction using strong words that would haunt you for many days.

Elsayed Mohamed

The accuracy of description and the beauty of expression allows you to live the story, meet its characters, and witness its events. Suspense and thrills are all that you’re promised.

Ingy Hany

It starts smartly, thrives brilliantly, and ends surprisingly. A true example of what modern fiction novels should look like. Can’t wait to see this masterpiece made into a movie.


Hair-raising plot with spine-chilling twists. Read it, and you’ll forget the taste of sleeping.


A perfectly written work of fiction by a creative, young talent. A really enjoyable plot and a well-written novel. Can’t wait for more work by such a talented author.

Seif Ehab

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